Exclusive Manufacturer of the Ray™ Pressure Snubber Since 1945

OMS, Inc. is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of special hydraulic and pneumatic components and a wide variety of precision screw machine products.  Our unique expertise allows us to offer quality, flexibility and reliable delivery at reasonable prices.

Stop Shocks

Pressure Snubber Dampening Test

Ray™ Pressure Snubbers absorb pressure shocks and pulsations in your system that would otherwise damage and wear delicate internal parts of pressure instrumentation.

Cut Costs

Our snubbers offer many cost saving solutions, starting with our Ray™ Pressure piston system.  Where other snubbers will become clogged or damaged, the Ray™ Pressure Snubber’s moving piston design knocks any dirt or scale out of the system, ensuring long-lasting performance.  If modification is necessary, the interchangeable piston allows for maximum customization with minimum replacement cost and effort.

Ensure Accuracy

With and Without Ray™ Pressure Snubber

Ray™ Pressure Snubbers slow the rate of change from pulsations, spikes, and fluctuations to cut out backlash and shock, delivering accurate readings and longer life for your pressure instrumentation.

Our Story

OMS started manufacturing hydraulic parts for the aircraft and nuclear industries.  Drawing on this experience, we have developed a rigorous set of procedures which are strictly followed and documented, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality and reliability.  As a result, OMS and its systems have been approved by many aerospace, nuclear and industrial companies.

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