An Industry Leader in the Design, Manufacture and Contract Machining Of Special Hydraulic and Pneumatic Components for Aerospace, Nuclear, and Industrial Companies.

OMS, Inc. is a contract machining industry leader which specializes in the design and manufacture of special hydraulic and pneumatic components and a wide variety of precision screw machine products.  Our experience and unique blend of products allow us to offer quality, flexibility, and reliable delivery, all at reasonable pricing.

Our specialty involves close tolerances for high quantity niche metal parts.

Custom Bolt Machining

OMS got its start manufacturing hydraulic parts for the aircraft and and nuclear industries.  Drawing on this experience, we have developed a rigorous set of procedures which are strictly followed and documented, ensuring our products are of the highest quality and reliability.  As a result, OMS and its systems have been approved by many aerospace, nuclear and industrial companies.

Stainless, Brass, Aluminum, Cold Rolled Steel

Over the years, OMS has developed a wide variety of parts for a number of different industries.  This solid base of parts gives us the flexibility to handle all of your needs such as quick lead times, large and small quantities, or complex part features.  Additionally, this large base of parts allows us to spread our overhead costs over more businesses and pass the savings on to you.  In manufacturing, the cost of materials can fluctuate rapidly and often.  Here at OMS, all quotes use current material pricing and scheduling, ensuring the best possible price and delivery to our customers every time.

OMS is a preferred vender of specialized hydraulic and pneumatic components, and various screw machine products to many of the country’s largest defense and nuclear contractors, commercial aircraft manufacturers, NASA, and a wide variety of industries including industrial machinery, oil and gas, electronics, water, waste-water facilities, as well as farm and construction equipment.

Cylinder Contract Machining

Cylinder Contract Machining


Quality Assurance

Currently Manufacturing to :

  • MIL-I-45208
  • SAE-AS1933-A
  • ISO 10012-1
  • ANSI ZI-4

Quality Control

  • MicroVu Inspection System
  • Surface Roughness Testers
  • Extensive Gauge and Plug network
  • Optical Comparator


  • Excellent Surface Finishes
  • High Expectations
  • Exceed Requirements
  • Succeed as a Team

Commitment to Product

  • Competitive pricing for all markets
  • Constantly improving our processes
  • Reliable lead times and communication
  • Unmatched customer relations

Other Capabilities

  • CNC RoboDrill Mill
  • Centerless Grinder
    • .040″ up to 1″ Diameter
  • HAAS VF2 CNC Lathe
  • Excellent Surface Finishes
  • Hydraulic Presses
  • Manual Lathes and Mills
  • Vertical and Horizontal Sawing


  • Sliding Headstock (Swiss) Lathes
    • L12 Citizen Swiss (x1)
    • A20 Citizen Swiss (x3)
    • L32 Citizen Swiss (x2)
      • 1.25″ OD Max Thru Spindle With Live Tooling
  • Fixed Headstock Chucking Lathes
    • Doosan Lynx
    • Doosan Puma
      • 2.625″ OD Max Thru Spindle With Live Tooling
      • 8″ Chucker for large OD needs
    • Nakamura Lathe
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