The Ray™ Pressure Snubber “takes the pressure off” to assure that your sensors are performing at their best.

A simple, cost-effective solution to damaging pressure surges and shocks.

Download the Brochure To Your Device

Download the Brochure To Your Device

Through it’s unique design, the Ray™ Snubber’s rugged piston moving within its chamber kicks out the sediment and pipe scale that will clog needle valves, filters, porous metal discs and other designs.

While each model is built to exacting specifications with tolerances to ten-thousandths of an inch, the unit-to-unit uniformity and easy piston changing makes installing a Ray Snubber™ into your system a smart choice.

Ray Pressure Snubber Center Joint Snubber Cut-Away

Ray™ Pressure Snubber Center Joint Snubber Cut-Away


Ray Pressure Snubber Solid Body Snubber Cut-Away

Ray™ Pressure Snubber Solid Body Snubber Cut-Away


There is a Ray™ Snubber for every application:

  • Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Monel construction
  • Pressure rating from vacuum to 20,000 psi (up to 60,000 psi with special high pressure connections)
  • Air, water, gases, petrochemicals
  • British taper threads or American NPT
  • Over 100 models in stock featuring 12 piston options

To accommodate variations in viscosities, every snubber is delivered with three easily changed, clearly marked pistons for gas, water/light oil and heavy oil.  The unique piston movement prevents the clogging that is common with other snubber designs


The Ray™ Snubber protects gauges and other sensitive instruments that function as windows to your system’s operation.

By absorbing damaging pulsations and surges, the snubber keeps accurate data flowing so you can keep your system performing at peak efficiency.

As a leader in the industrial market, our stringent manufacturing standards on per-unit monitoring has qualified us as a vendor of choice and integral part of our nation’s defense… from aviation and missile launch systems to surface and sub-surface vessels.

Why risk your system’s efficiency?  Put the protection of a Ray™ Snubber to work for you today.

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